Company Overview

Zycoil Electronic Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturers of research and development, production and sales of hollow coils, Bobbin coil and coils of the opposite sex. Our coil products can greatly improve the efficiency, accuracy and lower products costs, and always maintain the advanced nature of the industry. The client to solve a variety of difficult, complex and high-precision problem of choice.

Our company mainly produces various types of air-core coil. On the production of hollow coil million every month. Widely used in TV technology, audio-visual technology, microwave technology, communication transmitter, receiver and power supply filtering and other electronic products. We offer products using a stable lead-free manufacturing process, lead-free products have passed SGS test. ROSH standard to meet regularly and we also provide test data to report.

The main products are: coil, hollow coils, Bobbin coil and coils of the opposite sex , , self-adhesive coil, hollow induction coil, CD-ROM read-write head coil of motor control, various kinds of special shape of the entire column coils, all kinds of ultra-thin coils, electrical products drive coil, parking cards, access cards, IC card coil, security of a series of coils for host. Widely used in power, network communications, computer products, office supplies, mobile equipment, industrial equipment, household appliances, electric toys, lamps, digital products, car audio, car, computer, aerospace, broadcasters and defense applications, and many other fields, and with many foreign-funded enterprises in the electronics industry, private enterprises, universities and research institutes to establish a long-term military relationship.

Zycoil depends on its own expertise and the customer’s experience, according to the customer’s recommendations to improve product quality so that products meet the “low-cost, high-quality “results. According to customer’s demand to made all kinds of products, to improve product competitiveness in the market and share .

Our company has always adhered to the "quality of survival, innovation and development" business philosophy. Provide our clients with better service.

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