Frequency sensitive rheostat introduction and application of environmental
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Frequency sensitive rheostat introduction and application of environmental

Frequency sensitive rheostat is a static non-contact electromagnetic components, the use of its frequency sensitive rheostat. Frequency sensitive rheostat is essentially a large iron loss of the three-phase reactor, a structure similar to the secondary winding of the three-phase transformer.

Frequency sensitive rheostat applies to the capacity of self-22Kw, 50Hz, three-phase AC asynchronous motor winding type. Occasionally as a light load and heavy light load starting with (for example: water pumps, air compressors, rolling mills, air compressor, etc.), or repeated short-term working starter (such as: capacity 2.2Kw to 125Kw bridge crane, lifting Taiwan, mining transmission belts, etc.).

Frequency sensitive rheostat applicable environment:

a) altitude does not exceed 4000m;

b) the ambient temperature is not higher than +40 ℃ and not less than -30 ° C;

c) air relative humidity not more than 85% (20 ± 5 ° C);

d) anti-rain and snow and no place is full of water vapor;

e) allows you to have a place of general vibration and shock;

f) in any angle and vertical tilt into place;

g) In the absence of explosive media, and the media is not enough to corrode metal and damage the insulating gas and conductive dust.