What is an air core coil? What are the types of hollow coils?
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What is an air core coil? The hollow coil consists of two parts, namely the hollow coil. Hollow, as the name suggests, means that the center is nothing, and coil means that the wires are wound one by one, and the wires are insulated. When current flows through the wire, the magnetic field around the coil can create a magnetic field, and the strength of the magnetic field and the current flowing through the coil is proportional to the number of turns in the coil.

In a certain magnetic field, the magnetic field lines are cut with a coil, and the same magnetic field can be converted into electrical energy. Using this principle of magnetoelectric conversion, relays, motors, motors, wireless devices, speakers and other devices can be made. The wire material can be copper, iron, aluminum, gold and other metal devices. The center of the coil can be inserted into a metal magnetic device to enhance its magnetic field. When the center of the coil has only a plastic skeleton or no skeleton, an air-core coil is formed. The air-core coil is widely used. For multiple needs, it is designed in round, square, oval and various unusual shapes.